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LMC Enterprises

LMC Enterprises, Inc.
provides you with skilled professionals for all of your staffing needs. LMC Enterprises specializes in placing qualified, personnel in the Administrative, Engineering, and Information Technology industries. 

You have a single point of contact, whether you need technical staff for a specific project or a full-time position. 

LMC Enterprises offers you a variety of choices to suit your budget and staffing needs. LMC Enterprises is ready to work with you to identify the best program and the right people for your business. Our staffing options include:

  • Contract
  • Contract-to-hire
  • Direct-hire
  • Payrolling arrangements.

Contract: LMC Enterprises identifies and provides qualified candidates to meet your needs; A billing rate is established and you pay only for the hours our associate works on your project. You will receive weekly invoices, itemized for project cost accounting.

Contract-to-hire: An excellent vehicle to evaluate job performance before making a hiring decision –No up-front money is required; an effective guarantee is included, and provides you the ability to convert our contract employee to your payroll for a conversion fee as follows:

   Contract Period   
Conversion Fee
0 – 90 Days
   20% of Annual Salary   
91 – 120 Days
15% of Annual Salary
121 – 180 Days
10% of Annual Salary
180 Days +
No Conversion Fee

Direct Hire: Offers the flexibility of fee-contingent staffing with a 30-day, replacement guarantee included. Industry standard is 20% of annual salary; however, depending upon your specific needs and the volume of personnel required, this fee is negotiable and a “flat-per-head” fee could be negotiated to meet your needs.

Payrolling: These are candidates that are identified by you, the client, who directly facilitates the entire recruiting process. At a reduced billing rate, LMC Enterprises covers all statutory costs and is the employer of record. When the process is completed, the candidate is provided to LMC Enterprises to commence employment with LMC Enterprises as an LMC Enterprises employee.

When you work with LMC Enterprises, we handle the details for you. LMC Enterprises always maintains a high visibility to find the talent that will serve you best. We ensure that you get the right people every time!